We’ve All Been There…

Have you ever had the desire to read and study the Bible, but just not known where to start?

Or maybe you have dug into your Bible and just felt confused.

Hi, my name’s Heather Hart and I’ve been where you are.

I love reading and studying my Bible, but sometimes I go through dry spells. Times when I struggle to stay in the word. Times when I want to love my Bible study again.

That’s the heart behind this website.

Not that I have it all together, but that I struggle, too.

If you can relate, I’m excited to connect with you so we can learn to love our Bibles together. Whether you’re cultivating love for the Bible for the first time, or rekindling a love that’s already there. I’m glad you’re here.

On this website you’ll find out what the Bible has to say about certain topics, tips and tricks for Bible study and so much more.

What can I help you find?

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Hi there!

I’m Heather

Jesus, books. flowers, flipflops, chocolate, and coca cola – those are a few of my favorite things. God has given me a heart for ministering to women of all ages. If that’s you, I want to help you grow in your walk with Christ. My goal isn’t to tell you how to do more, be better, or achieve perfection, it’s to point you to Jesus.