How’s your Bible memory?

Do you memorize Scriptures?

One of my favorite tools for memorizing the Bible is the Bible Memory App.

The Bible Memory App

There is a free and a pro version of the Bible Memory app, and I’m currently using the free version. It isn’t full of ads, rather the pro option has a few more features. The pro version offers visual and auditory memory tools.

The free version of the Bible Memory app that I use, focuses on kinesthetic memory. For each verse you type it, memorize it, and then master it.

When typing in the verse, it only has you push the first letter of each word in the verse or verses you are trying to memorize. So you don’t need to worry about spelling, but if you know the word, you’ll know the first letter. It’s a really neat system.

So first, you type it, entering the first letter of each word and the reference.

Next, it deletes every other word, and helps you memorize it.

Finally, it doesn’t show you any of the verse, and lets you type in the first letter of each word from memory.

It then has you review the same verse every day for a specific number of days, then weekly, then monthly. You can add as many verses as you want to increase your Bible memory.

You can download it from the app store, or by visiting

Other Features

One of the features I love about this app is that when adding verses to memorize, you can add one verse or a group of verses, and have it import them from the translation of your choice. This makes adding memory verses quick and easy.

You can also create folders for your memory verses so if you wanted to have all your verses from the same chapter of the Bible in one folder, you could do that. Or if you were memorizing verses to encourage yourself, you could create a folder for them.

I have a regular memory folder and a chronic pain verses folder currently. They have a list on their website of verses by topic of you want help picking which verses to memorize.

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