Have you heard of the 7 arrows of Bible reading?

This was a new concept to me when I found it in my Sunday school book this month. But I loved the basic structure it offers to take Bible reading deeper than just reading the words on the page. It helps your Bible reading become a Bible study all on it’s own.

The 7 arrows of Bible reading

The 7 Arrows of Bible Reading

Let’s take a look at the 7 arrows of Bible reading.

Arrow 1: What’s it Say?

The first arrow looks at what the Bible actually says. Whether you’re reading a short passage or a whole chapter. Take a moment to summarize what it actually says. This is always one of my favorite steps of Bible reading, because it makes you slow down and grasp what it’s saying.

Arrow 2: What Did it Mean Originally?

The next arrow focuses on what the passage or chapter would have meant to the original audience. You may need to use a study Bible or commentary to help you understand this one. But looking at the original context can help us better understand what the Bible means.

Arrow 3: What’s it Tell Us About God?

Next, we want to look at what the passage tells us about God. What’s it tell us about His nature or character? What’s it tell us about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and/or God the Father? The entire Bible is centered around God, what’s this passage tell us about Him?

Arrow 4: What’s it Tell Us About Us?

The fourth arrow looks at what the Bible tells us about us as human beings. The human race as a whole (including ourselves).

Arrow 5: What’s it Mean to Us?

The fifth arrow makes it more personal. What does the passage or text mean to me on a personal level? Does it require anything of me?

Arrow 6: How Does it Change the Way I Relate to Others?

The sixth arrow takes what we’ve read and applies it to our relationships with others. If it’s true for us, it’s true for them, and that changes the way we interact with one another.

Arrow 7: What’s it Prompt Me to Pray?

Our final response to Bible reading should be prayer.

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